Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus(Never tickle a Sleeping Dragon)
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 Out of the Rulebook

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PostSubject: Out of the Rulebook   3/9/2017, 9:24 pm

These rules apply to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and were enacted on 10th of March, 2017. By joining our forum school and roleplaying studying with us, you automatically agree to these rules. Be aware that the rules may periodically change. All changes will be announced; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to remain abreast of any changes. Thank you for reading carefully!

Roleplayers Students at Hogwarts agree to respect their fellow roleplayers students. Insulting, cursing, harassing, or otherwise attempting to or causing harm to another player students will result in immediate and severe consequences. (Might happen that you'll be killed - or worse: expelled)

Roleplayers Students agree that “bad” roleplay which includes but is not limited to powerplay, godmodding, and metagaming may not occur at Hogwarts.
Stay fair. You are not the strongest, not the prettiest, not the most important. We all are. We all have our strengths, but being beloved by everyone is impossible. So don’t freak out if your character isn’t always the center of attention. The world doesn't and won't revolve around you and you character. Everyone is important. We're all family. Keep that in mind.

This RPG Hogwarts has a rating of PG-13. Be mindful of this! (Yeeeeeeeeeees, you might kiss at some point. But keep it clean. Filch doesn't want to mop your salvia or other dirty body fluids. Thanks.) Just keep it clean and don't use too much or badly rude language and everything's fine.

This RPG Hogwarts is set in the 1990’s, UK, Harry Potter-verse. Characters should be and stay appropriate to this setting as a part of good roleplay realism.
(Nope, no light-sabers)

The time of our roleplay advances is determined by the speed of those participating and plot advances are set by the Keeper of Lore and Events, and will be announced in thread or otherwise.

Players may participate in 1 of thread per character.
Only take on a number of characters you can actually manage.


Headmaster and Prefects of Hogwarts

P.s.: If you have any questions, turn to us. You will find prefects and the Headmaster in the respective "Groups" (between "Wizards" and "You")
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Out of the Rulebook
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